"April Fair" or April Celebration in the city of Seville N°32

"April Fair" or April Celebration in the city of Seville N°32 image premium
"April Fair" or April Celebration in the city of Seville At the end of April each year, there is a pilgrimage season to the city of Seville in southern Spain known as the April Fair. During this time, the city's landmarks transform, taking you back to the mid-nineteenth century, precisely in the year 1857, the birth of this celebrated event cherished by the locals, who come from all over to participate. They celebrate in their unique way, riding horses and horse-drawn carriages while donning traditional colorful clothing that reflects the spring season. As you stroll through the city center, you find it joyful and beautiful, welcoming its residents and all visitors from every corner, with their numbers reaching over a million each year. On the day of the celebration, they take to the streets in their elegant traditional attire, riding decorated carriages and horses, heading to a large square in the center of Seville, holding onto their cultural heritage in the era of artificial intelligence. Expressing their joy, they set up special and public tents early in the day, reaching them by riding carriages and horses, dancing the famous "sevillanas," a folk dance greatly influenced by the renowned flamenco dance, accompanied by the music and the guitar. "April Fair" is a moment when time stands still, taking you back to the beautiful past.


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