Festival Gnaoua 2023 ....An opening concert under the auspices of miscegenation  N°1

An opening concert under the auspices of miscegenation A true hymn to the continent, the opening concert, the fruit of a residency exceptional, will bring together Maâlem Mohamed Kouyou and Maâlem Said Kouyou in fusion with the Tambours du Burundi Amagaba, Jaleel Shaw and Sanaa Marahati. A concert that already promises to be explosive, with nearly 25 artists on stage. The melodies full of spirituality, coupled with the scenic performances of the kouyou brothers will echo the endiable rhythms of the Tambours du Burundi Amagaba and the throbbing laments of Jaleel Shaw, one of the best alto and soprano saxophonists of his generation. A fusion with eclectic influences, skilfully dosed, carried by the crystalline voIx of Sanaa Marahati. Saxophonist and bandleader Jaleel Shaw is part of this generation that is moving the lines of jazz. After an exceptional performance with Maalem Allkane in 2008, he reconnects, for this 24th edition with the magic of Essaouira


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Festival Gnaoua 2023 ....An opening concert under the auspices of miscegenation 
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June 29, 2023
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