Grain and legumes market "Rahbat El Zarra" on Avenue Mohammed VI in Casablanca N°8 Wheat grains

Grain and legumes market "Rahbat El Zarra" on Avenue Mohammed VI in Casablanca The Grains and Legumes Market, known as "Barhbat Al-Zarra", is located on Mohammed VI Street, near the Royal Palace in the city of Casablanca, behind the Al-Ahbass neighborhood and a few meters away from the Karaj Al-Alal mall and the Sultana's Alley. This place holds a special place for the people of Casablanca, due to its historical significance on the one hand, and on the other hand, it provides the city's needs for wheat and barley, and it is considered a center for meeting the neighboring farmers. The market is one of the most important markets that provide the daily food security for the city of Casablanca, and based on this, reassuring messages are sent to the residents that wheat, barley, and everything the people of Casablanca need are available in abundance. The market consists of several stores, which are still in the same condition since their establishment during the colonial era. The stores are distributed between wholesale and installment sellers, and they also include a grain mill and many workers in the field of grains and legumes. When you wander around the market, you can smell the beautiful past, the old wooden shops open on all sides, and women working on purifying wheat grains before grinding them in the traditional mill in the market. You can find legumes distributed by installment sellers in the form of a mosaic that varies in color. People are happy to touch them with both hands, and the price is clearly written on them. You can find some types of legumes that you have never seen before at grocery stores or in major commercial markets. Indeed, it is a market that combines the scent of the past with the present.


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Grain and legumes market "Rahbat El Zarra" on Avenue Mohammed VI in Casablanca
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